Monday Afternoon Movie is a weekly podcast hosted by your friend and mine, Sam Pancake. Each episode focuses on a different too-good-to-be-forgotten TV movie from the 1970s.

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12: The Devil’s Daughter with Tony Rodriguez

What if Rosemary’s Baby but with Shelley Winters and also the movie gives away a central plot point in the title? The Devil’s Daughter features Belinda Montgomery, Robert Foxworth and Diane Ladd, with a script by the writer of Harold & Maude and 9 to 5. And that might seem like an impressive line-up, but Sam is joined by comedic actor Tony Rodriguez to discuss all the ways this one goes off the rails.

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Episode Eleven: The Spell with Frankie Frascatore

Welcome to season two! We’re kicking off this new run of Monday Afternoon Movie with The Spell, a 1977 made-for-TV marvel that really wants to outdo Carrie and probably doesn’t but stars Lee Grant and that is enough! Sam is joined by Frankie Frascatore, a font of pop culture knowledge, to talk ploth oles, magic powers, and this film’s very particular brand of 1970s clutter set dressing. Come for the TV-censor approved horror. Stay for confusion about what banana cake is.

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Episode Ten: Home for the Holidays with Sam Greisman

Have you gotten this far in your life without knowing that Sally Field starred in a 1972 Christmas-themed horror movie that pits her against the baroness from The Sound of Music? Not only does your host get into this Aaron Spelling-produced made-for-TV wonder, but he does so with writer-director Sam Greisman, who just happens to be Sally’s son. He reports that his mother remembers the film having a great cast but nonetheless being “a piece of shit.” Home for the Holidays also stars fellow Mary Todd Lincoln enthusiast Julie Harris and Jessica Walter, whose character is drunk the entire movie.

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Episode Nine: The Horror at 37,000 Feet

A decade after William Shatner starred in the Twilight Zone episode “The Nightmare at 20,000 Feet,” he took a lead role in this TV horror movie with a similar name. Did it outdo his original fight against otherworldly forces on an airplane? No. But did it give actresses like Tammy Grimes and Paul Winfield a chance to play bigger than they would have in a cinematic outing? Oh my goodness yes. Critic Alonso Duralde joins Sam to revel in this exercise in cost-effective terror.

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Episode Eight: Haunts of the Very Rich 

Think of Lost by way of Fantasy Island with a Twilight Zone chaser, and if that’s not incentive enough, know that Haunts of the Very Rich’s band of castaways is 1972 TV royalty, including Lloyd Bridges, Cloris Leachman, Ed Asner, Anne Francis, Donna Mills, Robert Reed and more. The ebullient Alec Mapa joins Sam for this episode, the finale to the first season of Monday Afternoon Movie.

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Episode Seven: The Initiation of Sarah

"What if Carrie went to college?" That's a question few people asked, but the 1978 TV movie THE INITIATION OF SARAH seeks to answer it anyway. Actress and gaucho pant enthusiast Nina Millin joins Sam to talk about the high fashion and glaring plotholes in this thoroughly enjoyable flick about sorority sisters and psychic powers. The movie stars Kay Lenz, Morgan Brittany, Morgan Fairchild and Shelley Winters, though the star of this episode is clearly Sam's imitation of Shelley Winters.

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