Monday Afternoon Movie is a weekly podcast hosted by your friend and mine, Sam Pancake. Each episode focuses on a different too-good-to-be-forgotten TV movie from the 1970s.

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Episode 23: GARGOYLES with Daniele Gaither

No longer mere architectural ornaments, gargoyles come to life in this enjoyably shclocky offering from 1973. Sam is joined in this episode by his first-ever repeat guest (!!!) Daniele Gaither, a comedian and actress with a thorough command command of pop culture. To its credit, Gargoiyles actually won an Emmy for Outstanding Achievement in Makeup, and it is good… even if it’s used to make it really hard to tell that under all that monster drag is Bernie Casey, an actor of color given a rare prominent in one of these made-for-TV horror flicks.

Click here to watch Gargoyles on YouTube.


Episode 22: DEVIL DOG, THE HOUND OF HELL with Lisa Stockdale

If your idea of good entertainment is Richard Crenna and Yvette Mimieux fighting a devil-possessed German Shepherd, then have we got a film for you. Monday Afternoon Movie’s animal-tastic third season continues with the 1978 novelty Devil Dog: The Hound of Hell, which, yes, is a very literal title, it turns out. Producer Lisa Stockdale joins Sam to talk out the intricacies of the film, which gives new meaning to “Bad dog! That is no!”

Click here to watch Devil Dog: The Hound of Hell on YouTube.


Episode 21: THE CAT CREATURE with Becky Thyre

Sam Pancake is back for a new season of Monday Afternoon Movie, and this time it is themed: Attack of the Animals. Every episode this season features your favorite 1970s stars sparring with wild beasts (supernatural and otherwise), and we’re kicking it off with THE CAT CREATURE, a 1973 treat featuring a pre-Family, pre-Family Ties Meredith Baxter. Actress Becky Thyre joins Sam to discuss. Meow.

Click here to watch The Cat Creature on YouTube.


Episode 20: WHEN MICHAEL CALLS with Michael Varrati

Season two ends with a cavalcade of Michaels! A young Michael Douglas stars in this 1972 chiller about calls coming from beyond the grave. OR ARE THEY? On hand to discuss WHEN MICHAEL CALLS is writer and Dead for Filth host Michael Varrati.

Click here to watch When Michael Calls on YouTube.


Episode 19: A TASTE OF EVIL with Jeremy Kinser

It’s hot Barbara-on-Barbara action as Barbara Stanwyck and Barbara Parkins co-star in A TASTE OF EVIL! It’s psychological horror by way of Aaron Spelling, which means yes — both Barbaras seem to understand they’re in a made-for-TV version of the psychobiddy genre. Journalist Jeremy Kinser joins Sam to revel in the campiness of this 1971 offering and also offer some insight from Barbara Parkins herself.

Click here to watch A Taste of Evil on YouTube.