Monday Afternoon Movie is a weekly podcast hosted by your friend and mine, Sam Pancake. Each episode focuses on a different too-good-to-be-forgotten TV movie from the 1970s.

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Episode Sixteen: THE LEGEND OF LIZZIE BORDEN with Gwynedd Stuart

Don’t believe the jump rope jingle! Lizzie Borden didn’t actually give mother forty whacks. Also, it really undersells the amount of lesbian tension in this story. Yes, Sam is talking 1975’s The Legend of Lizzie Borden, which puts two sitcom greats — Elizabeth Montgomery and Katherine Helmond — into corsets to tell a true(ish) account of one of the most famous murder stories in American history. Gwynedd Stuart joins the show to share her thoughts and plan out her own murders in a surefire attempt at Lizzie Borden-esque infamy.

Click here to watch The Legend of Lizzie Borden on YouTube.


Episode Fifteen: THE NORLISS TAPES with Lucas Zachary Hazlett

Can the pilot for a failed detective series be turned into a successful standalone feature? Why do you think they filmed this on location in Monterey? Why are the tapes in the title plural if there's only one? Could there be a less interesting name for a leading male character than Norliss? Didn't Angie Dickinson have something better to do? Why are there so few people of color in these TV movies? These and more questions shall be answered in Sam's discussion of 1973's THE NORLISS TAPES, with special guest Lucas Zachary Hazlett.

Click here to watch The Norliss Tapes on YouTube.


Episode Fourteen: SUMMER OF FEAR with John Arthur Hill

On Halloween night, 1978, NBC aired Summer of Fear (a.k.a. Stranger in our House), starring Linda Blair and several perms. The film — directed by Wes Craven and based on a novel by Lois Duncan — is a witchcraft-tinged thriller that plays on the very relatable fear of having an evil cousin take over your posh life in the Malibu countryside. Fran Drescher co-stars. Her accent is not explained. John Arthur Hill joins Sam to discuss.

Click here to watch Summer of Fear on YouTube.


Episode Thirteen: Satan’s School for Girls with Daniele Gaither

Not long before they became Charlie's Angels, Kate Jackson and Cheryl Ladd appeared in this 1973 Aaron Spelling production about coeds who also happen to be members of a Satanic cabal. Yes, it's another case of a surprise ending made less surprising by the film's title, but Sam is joined by Daniele Gaither for an in-depth discussion of a campy classic that is also a study in mid-70s fashion.

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Episode Twelve: The Devil’s Daughter with Tony Rodriguez

What if Rosemary’s Baby but with Shelley Winters and also the movie gives away a central plot point in the title? The Devil’s Daughter features Belinda Montgomery, Robert Foxworth and Diane Ladd, with a script by the writer of Harold & Maude and 9 to 5. And that might seem like an impressive line-up, but Sam is joined by comedic actor Tony Rodriguez to discuss all the ways this one goes off the rails.

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Episode Eleven: The Spell with Frankie Frascatore

Welcome to season two! We’re kicking off this new run of Monday Afternoon Movie with The Spell, a 1977 made-for-TV marvel that really wants to outdo Carrie and probably doesn’t but stars Lee Grant and that is enough! Sam is joined by Frankie Frascatore, a font of pop culture knowledge, to talk ploth oles, magic powers, and this film’s very particular brand of 1970s clutter set dressing. Come for the TV-censor approved horror. Stay for confusion about what banana cake is.

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