Monday Afternoon Movie is a weekly podcast hosted by your friend and mine, Sam Pancake. Each episode focuses on a different too-good-to-be-forgotten TV movie from the 1970s.

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Episode Twenty: WHEN MICHAEL CALLS with Michael Varrati

Season two ends with a cavalcade of Michaels! A young Michael Douglas stars in this 1972 chiller about calls coming from beyond the grave. OR ARE THEY? On hand to discuss WHEN MICHAEL CALLS is writer and Dead for Filth host Michael Varrati.

Click here to watch When Michael Calls on YouTube.


Episode Ninteen: A TASTE OF EVIL with Jeremy Kinser

It’s hot Barbara-on-Barbara action as Barbara Stanwyck and Barbara Parkins co-star in A TASTE OF EVIL! It’s psychological horror by way of Aaron Spelling, which means yes — both Barbaras seem to understand they’re in a made-for-TV version of the psychobiddy genre. Journalist Jeremy Kinser joins Sam to revel in the campiness of this 1971 offering and also offer some insight from Barbara Parkins herself.

Click here to watch A Taste of Evil on YouTube.


18: CROWHAVEN FARM with Rose Abdoo

Pilgrim buckles have never looked creepier than in this 1970 thriller starring Hope Lange and Paul Burke. Fellow Gilmore Girls star Rose Abdoo joins Sam to discuss a movie that Wikipedia summarizes simply as ”A haunted house makes its occupants miserable.“ Not inaccurate!

Click here to watch Crowhaven Farm on YouTube.


Episode Seventeen: BAD RONALD with Calpernia Addams

Don’t believe the jump rope jingle! Lizzie Borden didn’t actually give A domestic thriller in the literal sense, BAD RONALD answers the question, "What if Dorothy Zbornak's son were a murderer?" This 1974 ABC TV movie stars Scott Jacoby as a teenaged killer lurking within the walls of an unwitting family's home. It's got some issues, as Sam and guest Calpernia Addams find, but it also has enough potential that we should all want to see the 1992 French remake.


Episode Sixteen: THE LEGEND OF LIZZIE BORDEN with Gwynedd Stuart

Don’t believe the jump rope jingle! Lizzie Borden didn’t actually give mother forty whacks. Also, it really undersells the amount of lesbian tension in this story. Yes, Sam is talking 1975’s The Legend of Lizzie Borden, which puts two sitcom greats — Elizabeth Montgomery and Katherine Helmond — into corsets to tell a true(ish) account of one of the most famous murder stories in American history. Gwynedd Stuart joins the show to share her thoughts and plan out her own murders in a surefire attempt at Lizzie Borden-esque infamy.

Click here to watch The Legend of Lizzie Borden on YouTube.