Monday Afternoon Movie is a weekly podcast hosted by your friend and mine, Sam Pancake. Each episode focuses on a different too-good-to-be-forgotten TV movie from the 1970s.

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Episode 26: TARANTULAS, THE DEADLY CARGO with Pip Lilly

What animal strikes more fear into the heart of man than… the banana spider?!?! Well, at least that’s the premise the creators of TARANTULAS: THE DEADLY CARGO were hoping would win over made-for-tv horror fans in 1977. This creature feature — weirdly a Christmastime release, for no reason in particular — doesn’t quite come together, but luckily actor Pip Lilly is on hand to talk with Sam about its hunky eye candy. BANANA SPIDERS!!!

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Episode 25: SNOWBEAST with John Cantwell

Half-human, half-animal and 100 percent made-for-TV magic! This week, Sam is talking about the 1977 sasquatchploitation favorite SNOWBEAST, starring Bo Svenson, Yvette Mimieux and Sylvia Sidney. And along for this sinister sleigh ride is Love Connie herself, John Cantwell, and there is perhaps no better team-up to discuss the less-remembered performances of the TV movie era. Get your yeti on

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Episode 24: KILLER BEES with Jeffery Self

Hey, remember when we thought the bees were going to kill *us* instead of the other way around? LOL! This 1974 bug paranoia flick stars none other than Gloria Swanson as a real queen bee (and queen B) alongside Kate Jackson, Eddie Albert and a whole lot of actual bees that were not compensated for their participation. Sam is joined by actor and comedian Jeffery Self to discuss this film, just one of the many made-for-TV wonders tackling the subject of deadly bees.

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Episode 23: GARGOYLES with Daniele Gaither

No longer mere architectural ornaments, gargoyles come to life in this enjoyably shclocky offering from 1973. Sam is joined in this episode by his first-ever repeat guest (!!!) Daniele Gaither, a comedian and actress with a thorough command command of pop culture. To its credit, Gargoiyles actually won an Emmy for Outstanding Achievement in Makeup, and it is good… even if it’s used to make it really hard to tell that under all that monster drag is Bernie Casey, an actor of color given a rare prominent in one of these made-for-TV horror flicks.

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Episode 22: DEVIL DOG, THE HOUND OF HELL with Lisa Stockdale

If your idea of good entertainment is Richard Crenna and Yvette Mimieux fighting a devil-possessed German Shepherd, then have we got a film for you. Monday Afternoon Movie’s animal-tastic third season continues with the 1978 novelty Devil Dog: The Hound of Hell, which, yes, is a very literal title, it turns out. Producer Lisa Stockdale joins Sam to talk out the intricacies of the film, which gives new meaning to “Bad dog! That is no!”

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